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Cannabis, or marijuana, as we generally know it, is renowned for heightening senses. The quality of food, the sound of music and the intrigue around people improve when high on cannabis, and these sensory amplifications can also lead to better sex.

It is still unclear how exactly marijuana works to make you aroused. But for years, Mary Jane has been used by both men and women to enhance their sexual encounters.

It's not wrong for people to believe that marijuana and sexual activity are related. Cannabis is well known for improving mood and increasing energy and improves concentration while reducing anxiety. Combine this with science that has proven that you will most likely enjoy sex in that first stage. This means that you can endure and enjoy more in bed.

Several well-known strains can help you to feel more confident about opening up to your partner and satisfying their sexual needs. If you are willing to give cannabis a shot to improve your sex drive, here are some strains for you to try:

Most Pleasurable Cannabis Strains to Increase Sex Drive & Arousal

The following are some of the most pleasurable cannabis strains for arousal and sex drive as per anecdotal reports:

The Cookies Strains

The Cookies strains have become increasingly very popular in the cannabis industry. You may now discover crosses of the Cookie strain all over your dispensary, so finding the ideal strain for sex before any special day will not be a problem.

Some people find that the Cookies strain is a great choice before intercourse because of the euphoric, calming qualities it is known to provide. The atmosphere can be exceptionally well set with Cookie strains in some exotic flavors such as Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, and Cereal Milk. Additionally, the sweet, tangy flavors that come with Cookies strains will make you feel refreshed and pumped up for the intimate time.

Important Facts About Cookie

  • Cookie is currently the most well-liked hybrid available.
  • Due to its history, it produces calming and relaxing physical effects as well as euphoric cerebral effects.
  • The strain is favored by medical users due to its capacity to lessen the symptoms of common illnesses while fostering mental clarity and energy bursts.
  • The majority of cookie strains are used to treat nausea, appetite loss, chronic pain, anxiety and stress.
  • The resulting concoction creates the strain's superb aromas and flavors, which are floral and earthy, with a hint of sweetness resembling bread which is why this strain of cannabis was named after cookies.
  • It is often claimed that cookie strains have a flavor and aroma similar to that of freshly made cookies.

The Sour Diesel Strains

Sour Diesel is a potent marijuana strain with high levels of THC and terpenes that encourage sex. This marijuana variety will fulfill all of your fantasies and may be the best for sex. Terpenes that can be discovered in Sour Diesel include caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene. Sour Diesel can improve sex for a multitude of reasons including a full-body high that can heighten enjoyable experiences in addition to being a profoundly soothing strain that usually reduces pain.

Sour Diesel is best suited for those who want to jump right into the game. Forget foreplay and be ready to go because of the intense arousal you will feel. Your sex experience will be substantially improved, helping you to become extremely skilled and good in bed.

Sour Diesel is one type of strain that is easily detectable. It has the aroma of gasoline being spilled on a lemon grove after a match has been lit. The characteristic scent of Sour Diesel is created by combining sharp, tangy and brilliant citrus notes with the chemical funk of fuel.

Important Facts About the Sour Diesel

  • Sour Diesel is one of the most commonly used strains.
  • You can also use it as self-medication to chase your blues away.
  • Due to its popularity among marijuana smokers, the majority of dispensaries stock Sour Diesel.
  • It is common to hear people describe the effects of Sour Diesel as cheerful, euphoric and energizing.
  • You do not want to put this activity level on your body right before bedtime after a hard day.
  • When it is still early, and you have a lot to do, use this strain.
  • Regular cannabis consumers claim that Sour Diesel is the ideal strain for days when you need to be productive.

The Mimosa Strains

This Purple Punch and Clementine concoction has a spicy, delicious flavor. It also has high terpenes, limonene, pinene and myrcene concentrations.

Mimosa prepares your body for protracted sex sessions by calming your anxieties and sharpening your attention. Because of the buzz of energy that goes along, you may stay intimate for an extended period without getting tired. Any negative feelings and ideas are eliminated and replaced with cozy joy from Mimosa's effects.

Important Facts About the Mimosa

  • Mimosa has had a huge rise in popularity since it initially arrived on the cannabis scene in 2017.
  • Mimosa marijuana smokers appreciate the energizing and cerebral high it provides.
  • Users claim that when the initial euphoric high gradually subsides, Mimosa leaves you with feelings of enthusiasm, uplift and vigor.
  • The pleasant lemon flavor and aroma of Mimosa lend its appeal among cannabis smokers.
  • Mimosa has inherited all of Clementine's amazing, uplifting citrus scents.
  • These have been enhanced with sour undertones, giving them a potent sweet and sour scent.
  • There are also some earthy undertones and vivid flower fragrances that are connected to mimosas.

The Do-Si-Dos Strains

The Do-Si-Dos strains are perfect for solo or cooperative arousal because they offer bliss and relaxation in one dose. The strain has higher quantities of spicy beta-caryophyllene. This potent anti-inflammatory, which has a high limonene concentration, increases energy while soothing anxiety and easing tension.

Important Facts About the Do-Si-Dos

  • This strain has several health benefits because of its ability to calm and sedate the consumer.
  • Do-Si-Dos is a fantastic cannabis strain for people who manage ongoing stress and anxiety.
  • It also works well to treat mood disorders such as depression, thanks to its uplifting qualities.
  • Numerous evaluations claim that this strain can put the user in a happy and enthusiastic state temporarily setting aside worries.
  • Due to its high indica content, Do-Si-Dos may be effective in treating physical issues, including inflammation and chronic pain.
  • The primary flavor notes for the Do-Si-Dos strain is lemony with a hint of berry flavor. You can also taste a light flavor of Diesel and herbs at the end.
  • Numerous evaluations claim that this strain can put the user in a happy and enthusiastic state where all worries and issues can be temporarily set aside.

The Northern Lights Strains

This strain is perfect for you if you become overly reflective before sexual activity. Northern Lights is one of the best strains for sex due to its calming, energizing characteristics. Most of us suffer significant worry before going to bed, which occasionally gets in the way of our happiness and satisfaction. Allow your performance apprehensions to fade as you inhale the soothing Northern Lights strain.

Additionally, Northern Lights reduce pain and increase excitement. After consuming, you will find that your body and mind will feel more at peace, enabling you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Being a renowned cannabis strain, finding or getting a Northern Lights strain at one of your nearby dispensaries will not be difficult.

Important Facts About the Northern Lights

  • You will feel calm and at ease with the first puff.
  • Some of the significant flavor notes of the Northern Lights strain are sweet, earthy and piney.
  • It has a very calming and euphoric effect that instantly makes you feel happy and relaxed.
  • The same is true of Northern Lights marijuana which is renowned and exceptional, and is available in virtually every authorized dispensary.
  • Brings intense relaxation if your body and mind are stressed out.
  • This strain is excellent for use in the evening because of its elevating and sedating characteristics.

Keep in mind that the suggestions above are based on anecdotal evidence, and some people may discover that a different strain increases their desire for sex better. Various other strains have been mentioned as having similar effects, and you pick the ones you like the most.

Where To Find The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex Drive

Kiva Confections bring you the very best of marijuana strains and related products to create an unforgettable bedroom experience.

For centuries, people have been using cannabis to enhance sexual pleasure. In the Hindu tantric tradition, the herb was utilized in various sexual positions and practices to achieve spiritual awakening. Modern scientists have also looked into cannabis' potential as an aphrodisiac.

Based on anecdotal evidence, most users know that cannabis enhances sensory pleasure, improving the quality of everything from music to sex. Some of the most influential and popular strains include the Northern Lights, the Do-Si-Dos, the Mimosa, the Sour Diesel, and the Cookies.

Get in touch with Kiva Connections to learn more and place your order for the best cannabis strains to improve your sex life.