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These handcrafted, best-selling chocolate-covered bites are the perfect pairing of art and science

Patience makes perfection

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Miniature masterpieces

The award-winning chocolates that spawned a thousand imitators, these tiny treats contain 5MG of THC or less per bite and are handcrafted using a traditional, labor-intensive panning process that is considered an art in the confections world. From start to finish, a single Terra Bite takes 10+ hours to create.

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About Terra

In 2014, Kiva launched Terra Bites, an innovative confection whose convenient, delicious, and ultra-shareable format soon made them one of California’s most popular edibles for multiple years running. Like Kiva's Bars, every Terra Bite is made of sustainably-sourced cacao infused with cold water hash for a richer, fuller cannabis experience.

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