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Sweet Dreams

Whatever sleep issues may ail you, Kiva has got you covered with the most deliciously-drowsy edibles available. Not only does the plant boast sedative properties, cannabis-infused edibles stay in your system longer than smoking- so you can get support not only in falling asleep but staying asleep!

Predictable, effective, and delicious


CBN is being called the next big cannabinoid next to THC and CBD. There are early indications that CBN is a powerful sedative, especially when combined with THC. Always one to stay ahead of the curve, Kiva actually released the first CBN-infused edible in late 2019- which paved the way for our sweet suite of sleep products. From sweet to sour, chocolates to mints, we’ve got an option for every taste and tolerance. Because we know that your sleep issues are unique to you, and your edibles should be tailored for you.

Find your sleep remedy

Dreamy notes from our biggest fans

"I tried the Camino gummies for sleep for the first time last night... I usually wake up a dozen times but last night I slept like a baby!"

-Charles, MA


Our edibles boast a carefully curated assortment of aromatic terpenes, each with their unique characteristics, working in concert to create the entourage effect - a phenomenon that magnifies the potential benefits of each individual compound.

From the soothing Myrcene, known for its sedative effects and ability to deepen sleep, to the subtle whisper of Linalool, appreciated for its stress-relieving properties, our blend reveals a beautiful ballet of science and nature, intertwined in a timeless waltz.

Our other edibles


Award-winning artisanal chocolate bars made with decadent cacao and our highly-delicious cold water hash.


The award-winning chocolate-covered bites that spawned a thousand imitators. Each of these tiny handcrafted treats takes 10+ hours to create.


Portable, poppable, and subtly powerful mints precisely designed for microdosing.


Adventure-infused gummies and chews made with mood-enhancing terpenes to deliver the most tailored edible experience on the market.