The cannabis industry has blossomed in recent years, and with it has come increasing innovation and creativity in the many available strains. A cannabis strain arises from breeding and crossing plants to create new varieties. Among these, Sour Diesel has risen in popularity seeing increased interest in recent years. Thanks to its place in the spotlight, a large number of strains are now available to choose from.

While that’s great for people who like to be spoiled for choice, it can make things tough for those who struggle with choosing the right strain for their needs. Here are the top Sour Diesel strains to consider, what makes them unique and when you might find them most useful.

Top Sour Diesel Strains To Consider

Sour Diesel can be broken into dozens of strains—in fact, there are almost a hundred in total. However, some have risen to the top as mainstays for those who enjoy cannabis due to their ideal mixtures of THC content, experience and effects. Some of the most popular Sour Diesel strains of all time include:

OG Sour Diesel

This Sour Diesel variant is a popular choice for both regular enjoyers and those who are new to this subgenre of cannabis. At around 20% THC on average, OG is fairly standard as a Sativa-dominant variant. No one is completely certain who created OG Sour Diesel, but its flavor remains slightly like diesel (as the name suggests) with a sour aftertaste no matter its origin.

OG Sour Diesel works well for relaxation and sleepiness, which means that it helps to combat stress and relax the body against pain.

Super Sour Diesel

Another Sativa-heavy strain, Super Sour Diesel sits higher than average on the THC range at about 24%. This means that it’s best used by those who have some experience with cannabis products high in THC. Newer users may experience strong effects, and it is recommended that they begin with another strain first. Super Sour Diesel contributes feelings of energy, creativity and happiness, so it’s a great choice for social events but less ideal before bed. Its flavor is pungent.

Sour Purple Diesel

This strain of Sour Diesel is a hybrid mix of Sativa and Indica in equal parts, which means that users experience the benefits of both—deep physical relaxation with mental energy. This makes Sour Purple one of the best strains to use at night despite its Sativa content, since you can still enjoy relaxation and restfulness without the compulsion to stay active. Many people report that it helps to curb anxiety and stress.

Purple Sour Diesel hits fast and heavily, so it is recommended for use alongside indoor activities or those where you will not be driving or traveling. While it too tastes as sour as most Diesel varieties, it has a flavor reminiscent of grapes or fruit.

Sour Diesel Purple Haze

Flavor is the highlight of Sour Diesel Purple Haze, with its sour taste that contains strong citrus notes. Thanks to its 24% THC content and 2% CBG, it can make people feel focused, chatty and energized making it great for social occasions, travel and active situations including concerts. Some people use it to ease feelings of depression, and Sour Diesel Purple Haze’s strong concentration helps it to kick in quickly. That being said, those with minimal experience in high THC cannabis should go slowly and start with smaller doses.

Sour Blue Diesel

As the “blue” in its name might suggest, Sour Blue Diesel smells and tastes strongly of blueberry. At 19% to 20%, it is average in its THC content, and as a hybrid it makes users feel happy and euphoric. Sour Blue doesn’t hit as hard as some other strains, making this a good choice for enjoying an evening after work to unwind, relax and keep the mind alert for hobbies. It can be useful for sore muscles as well. Its lower THC content makes it more approachable for newer hobbyists.

Sour Strawberry Diesel

When people look for Diesel strains to turn a bad mood around and give them energized tingles, Sour Strawberry is a common choice. This strain contains about 22% THC and focuses on stress and anxiety reduction, as well as energy and even arousal. Its flavor is sweet, similar to strawberries, with the pungent aftertaste expected from Diesel strains. Sour Strawberry is best used during the day rather than right before bed, and newer users should try smaller amounts first.

Lemon Sour Diesel

At only 16% THC on average, Lemon Sour Diesel is a great choice for those new to the hobby who are still unsure of their THC tolerance, as well as those looking for something a bit lighter. It’s highly energizing and great for focus, which means it often accompanies days out on the town or even the high concentration needed for some hobbies.

Lemon Sour Diesel’s taste contains heavy citrus elements, and its terpinolene content boosts feelings of happiness to combat depression and anxiety.

Lemon Hash Sour Diesel

Despite being similarly named to Lemon Sour, Lemon Hash Sour Diesel is an Indica-forward variety that hits its euphoric high early and then fades into a deep relaxation. The range of THC in this strain can vary significantly from 14% to upwards of 26%, meaning that users should be careful and make sure they know the details before consumption.

Lemon Hash is a good option for unwinding after a long day and reducing the effects of insomnia, so it’s best used at night. It is slightly peppery while retaining the citrus flavor that its parentage is known for.

Amherst Sour Diesel

A hybrid with around 18% THC, Amherst Sour Diesel is highly euphoric and promotes energy and tingles. The experience can be lengthy and does not fade quickly, which can help you to accomplish big tasks and reduce stress. It has a calming effect that amplifies with higher concentration, so new users should be cautious and make sure that they aren’t trying too much at once.

Amherst Sour Diesel contains the pungent taste that many come to associate with any cannabis in this line, but many users also report flavorful hints of chestnut as well.

California Sour Diesel

The Cali Sour D strain averages around 20% THC, and it’s an even 50/50 split between Sativa and Indica in its hybridization. This results in an intense body experience and lighter buzz that many people have reported have a profound impact on their anxiety, depression and stress. While it can make you feel focused and happy, it’s best for safe situations such as meetings with friends or calm activities, such as going to the movies, due to its body sensations.

The flavor of California Sour Diesel stands out as particularly tarry, with some pepper tones. Some people even describe it as faintly tasting like blue cheese.

West Coast Sour Diesel

The high percentage of Sativa in West Coast Sour Diesel contributes to the uplifted, motivated feelings that people associate with this strain. Depending on the type, West Coast can have THC concentrations as high as 26%, so it’s recommended to approach this variety with the attitude that less is more.

Depression reduction is one of the main benefits that people report from the strain, and its terpenes promote a feeling of happiness that is best utilized during the day for energetic activities. Whether you’re exploring a new city or going to a sporting event, West Coast Sour Diesel can keep you feeling peppy and joyful. However, it emits a strong gasoline smell.

East Coast Sour Diesel

If energy is what you need, East Coast Sour Diesel has you covered. At 19% THC, but pure Sativa heritage, it provides a powerful buzz that lingers and lifts your mood. Because of how strongly it can impact users, it is recommended that new hobbyists enjoy other varieties first. It can also cause jitters, so people prone to anxiety and panic attacks should steer clear.

For those for whom this is not a concern, East Coast Sour Diesel offers a crisp, lemony taste that empowers you to talk to people and works well for social engagements.

AJ Sour Diesel

On the opposite side of the spectrum, those who want to feel peacefully inspired can benefit from AJ Sour Diesel, with its relaxed and happy vibes. It’s often used to help with insomnia and depression, and it serves as a powerful motivator to help you focus on tasks such as housework, academic or work assignments, and even hobbies. However, at 26% THC, AJ Sour Diesel should be approached with care, especially for those new to Sour Diesel strains.

As with many other strains in this lineage, AJ Sour Diesel contributes a citrus tone that’s sour and a little spicy. It works well in sour candies and can come across as crisp or fresh.

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