Camino is excited to unveil our new collection of CBG and THCV infused gummies. Unlike their renowned counterparts CBD and THC, CBG (Cannabigerol) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) are lesser-explored cannabinoids, and each boasts unique properties and effects.

CBG, often referred to as the "mother cannabinoid," acts as a precursor to many other cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, so in a way it underlines the chemical richness of the cannabis plant. On the flip side, THCV shares a molecular resemblance with THC but exhibits different effects, often being investigated for its potential appetite-suppressing and blood sugar regulation properties. Both cannabinoids interact with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), hinting at a myriad of potential health benefits. While CBG may offer anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, THCV is being researched for its potential to support obesity and diabetes management, among other health conditions.

The decision to work with CBG and THCV is part of Kiva’s ongoing innovation efforts and our commitment to utilizing the very best the cannabis plant has to offer in order to support the health and happiness of our consumers. We invite you to join us in navigating the multifaceted, ever-expanding cannabis landscape and discover how CBG and THCV-infused edible products can benefit your life.

Activate Genius Mode: Camino Green Apple ‘Focus’ THCV Gummies

Camino Focus THCV

When you need to perform at your best, stay laser-focused, and keep your mind from racing in different directions, it’s time you meet your secret weapon: Camino Green Apple Focus gummies.

Each delicious gummy helps you activate genius mode with 5MG of THC, 2MG of THCV and hybrid-like terpenes along with vitamins B6 and B12, plus the amino acid L-Theanine. When these exceptional elements come together, your world becomes sharper and more focused - like having a mental spotlight where and when you need it to conquer your tasks and stay in the zone.

  • THCV is the ace up your sleeve, potentially acting as an appetite suppressant with mild and relaxing effects. The result? Enhanced clarity and focus without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Vitamin B6 is important for normal brain development and function plus mood support.
  • Vitamin B12 can help with cognitive performance and clarity.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves and mushrooms. It is renowned for its stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties. It also fights mental fatigue and bolsters your concentration.

Supercharge Your Routine: Camino Sours Tropical Burst ‘Energy’ THCV Gummies

Camino Energy

Have you ever dealt with a demanding schedule, approaching deadlines, and a sense of fatigue creeping in? This is precisely when Camino Sours Tropical Burst Energy gummies step in to give you just the boost you need. Packed with 10MG of THC and 5MG of THCV with sativa-like terpenes and the vitamins B6 and B12 combined with the perfect amount of caffeine, these gummies are your ticket to an enlivened experience.

  • THCV is your energy-boosting ally, potentially enhancing metabolism and curbing appetite. It ensures a clear-headed journey ahead.
  • Vitamin B6 is a prominent player in the body’s energy-production process to give your body the fuel it needs for physical activity.
  • Vitamin B12 helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells happy.
  • Caffeine, the world’s most popular stimulant, is renowned for its mood-enhancing properties. We add 10mg of caffeine per gummy - just enough to support increased alertness and a reduction in fatigue, providing a pep in your step equivalent to half a cup of iced tea.

Whether you're about to embark on a thrilling adventure, or simply need a boost to seize the day, Tropical Burst Energy Camino Sours are your go-to choice for an invigorating experience that propels you forward with newfound vitality.

A Soothing Mind-Body Experience: Camino Freshly Squeezed ‘Recover’ CBG Gummies

Camino Recover

Picture this: You've just wrapped up a hectic workday, your mind is racing with thoughts, and your body is feeling tense. This is the perfect occasion to reach for Camino Freshly Squeezed Recover gummies. Each gummy contains 5MG of THC and 10MG of CBG, along with hybrid-like terpenes that work together to create a harmonious blend of relaxation and balance.

CBG, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, helps balance out THC’s psychoactive experience. It's like having a gentle hand guiding you through, ensuring that you stay grounded and centered.

Camino Freshly Squeezed Recover gummies aren't just a treat for your tastebuds; they're a ticket to a serene state of mind. Enjoy the unique relaxation and respite they offer.

Discover the Potential with Our CBG and THCV Edibles
As we unveil our carefully crafted CBG and THCV edible products, we extend an invitation to both the curious and the informed to explore the nuanced world of cannabinoids and terpenes with us. Through our three distinctive products, we aim to encapsulate the potential wellness benefits these unique cannabinoids may offer. Each product is a testament to our commitment to quality, purity, and a deeper understanding of cannabis's complex nature. As we continue to explore and expand our offerings, we stand at the cusp of a new horizon in wellness, and a future where informed choices lead to holistic well-being. With THC, CBD, CBN, THCV and CBG-infused options available in the Camino family- it’s easier than ever to find your sweet spot.