This blog post is guest written by Kiva’s Director of Marketing, Kristin Rasmussen

Like many households across the country, my family has been in quarantine since mid-March when California schools abruptly closed and companies shifted their employees to working from home. I have two young children, a 7 year old and 3 year old, both at home where my husband and I now (attempt to) work. As Kiva’s Director of Marketing, this was the first time I have worked from home with a full house. What I thought was a temporary situation, a stressful time that would quickly end, is revealed to be much more permanent with the new school year upon us.

Offices remain closed and local schools have implemented distance learning for the foreseeable future. I’m grateful that my company is finding innovative ways to support employees like myself who are frantically trying to balance work and family right now, but there’s only so much a company can do in times of social distance. One quote that I’ve seen on social media states “I want to live in precedented times again.” and I think that sums up what many of us are feeling as we head into the ‘new normal’ school year.

One silver lining is that cannabis was deemed an essential business early on in the pandemic, which shows how far we’ve come in accepting the important role cannabis plays in Californian’s lives. I know that I am fortunate to still have a job while many Americans face economic hardships and uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic. The stress we are all facing is truly unprecedented. The responsibility of being both a teacher and a parent, on top of the day-to-day demands of a full-time job, is a lot to take on. And we know moms are taking the brunt of the stress.

I have found cannabis to be vital during this time to help me personally manage my stress. At the end of the day, when my patience has run out, popping one of Kiva’s Petra Mints has been a saving grace. The low THC content (only 2.5MG per piece) is the perfect amount to “take the edge off” for me. Moms have been referring to Petra Mints as ‘mommy mints’ for years, and now I know why! I am still able to function and parent my kids- I make dinner, sit down with my family and talk about our day, give baths, brush teeth, and read bedtime stories. The only difference is that I have an infinite well of patience. I am able to be in the moment- the list and chatter in my mind that keeps me feeling rushed to do the next thing is finally quieted. I am able to laugh with my girls as they splash water in the instead of telling them to stop and threatening to end bath time. I sit and listen to them- really LISTEN to them- because I am not rushing to move on to the next activity. Everything slows down, and I am present and connected. And in these crazy times, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Of course, many moms turn to wine to unwind, also known as “mommy juice.” This too can take the edge off, but I don’t find myself any more patient with my children, and I am definitely easily distracted after a glass or two of wine. I also don’t feel my best the next day- oftentimes I feel a little groggy and sluggish. Cannabis doesn’t have the same after-effects as alcohol, so I am able to wake up refreshed and ready for whatever craziness the day throws at me.

So for all of you working parents out there, struggling with distance learning and maintaining your sanity, take it from me and try a Petra Mint to help ease your stress during the week. After all, cannabis is essential for a reason.