Get ready to meet May Kwok! A creative consultant by day and DJ by night, May is always on the move in Venice, California. Keep reading to learn how she uses Petra Mints as part of her regular routine to keep her active and inspired.

Tell us about yourself – occupation, where you live, what activities you enjoy taking part in.

Hi everyone! My name is May. I live in California and I'm an entrepreneur in spirit -- I'm a DJ, event producer, creative consultant and model all in one.

Describe how you use cannabis in your daily life, specifically Petra Mints.

Living in California has definitely helped me achieve a better work/life balance. I love using Petra Mints to maintain this balance in my daily life.

I've always had a very anxious & stressed personality. By using a controlled amount of THC, I am able to stay calm, which is a benefit for my mental health!

What is it about edibles in general and Kiva Confections specifically that you like the most?

I love that Kiva Confections offers products with small doses of THC. Microdosing is key for my active lifestyle and everyday wellness.

What have you learned since incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle? Are there any misconceptions you found not to be true?

I find the biggest misconception about cannabis is that it’s only for stoners, but in reality, the right dose and strains can elevate your day-to-day lifestyle.

Any tips for canna-curious users based on your own experience?

Start small and smart. I've always thought that cannabis would make me lazy or sleepy, but understanding how much you should take daily or for certain occasions is pivotal for a positive experience.