Meet Alex Smith—a world traveler, surfer, creator, and fan of Kiva Confections! Get to know him below as he explains how he incorporates our microdosed Petra Mints into his adventurous lifestyle and discusses his thoughts on cannabis.

Tell us about yourself – your occupation, where you live, what activities you enjoy taking part in.

My name is Alex Smith, I'm a professional surfer and health enthusiast. I grew up on Kauai and recently made the move to Oahu to run my coffee shop, Sunrise Shack. I started surfing at age six, then went on to compete professionally. I've traveled the globe competing and exploring waves around the world. Currently, I am working on a YouTube channel, Smith Brothers, Hawaii, with my brothers.

Describe how you use cannabis in your daily life, specifically, Petra Mints.

I use it when I want to be further inspired! Every day is different, sometimes I’ll have two to three Petra Mints, and other times I’ll go days without it. I listen to my body for what it wants, and that determines how I use it.

How has using cannabis benefited your lifestyle and wellness?

It’s helped me become more active and healthy in general. After a Petra Mint, I’m more likely to go for a run, surf, or workout - because it’s more enjoyable. Now, I feel stronger than ever because I’m more consistent. It also helps me eat more consciously. When I’ve consumed cannabis, I notice I gravitate toward fresh, organic, and healthy foods. In addition, it’s helped me with alleviating daily stress and relaxing more, and I think that is a huge health hack.

What is it about edibles in general and Kiva Confections specifically that you like the most?

Microdosing edibles feel more clean, clear, and energizing. Kiva Confections makes precise products that give me a consistent experience - they’re the best I’ve tried. I also like the 2.5 milligram dosage of the Petra Mints. It’s never really too little or too much.

What have you learned since incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle? Are there any misconceptions you found not to be true?

Yes, I think there are massive misconceptions out there surrounding cannabis. The biggest problems are negative belief systems created by misinformation/societal fear. Once I shifted my understanding of cannabis and tried microdosing, it completely changed my experience. I encourage people to understand it at a scientific level, learn the history, and research people like Andrew Weil, Joe Rogan, and Dennis and Terence McKenna to understand the powerful tools of plants.

Any tips for canna-curious users based on your own experience?

  • It’s not very scientific, but relax and let the “plant” take its course.
  • Learn more about it and how it is not dangerous as some people may have told you.
  • Listen to your body on when to take some or not.
  • Start with smaller amounts and slowly increase your dose if needed.
  • Take it with positive intentions.
  • Let go and have fun!