Meet longtime budtender and cannabis aficionado Jay Frentsos. From Maui, Hawaii to Urbn Leaf, find out how Jay has navigated his way through the industry below.

1. Tell us about yourself—where you work, what you do, and how you became a budtender.

My name is Jay Frentsos. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, but have been living the beach life here in San Diego, California for the past four years working my way through the cannabis industry.

I started working in the industry as a delivery driver for Eaze about three months after I moved to California. After working there for about six months and familiarizing myself with cannabis products, I became super curious about the plant in general.

This is when I packed up a duffle bag and headed to a cannabis farm in Maui, Hawaii. I spent the next 40 days on the farm studying the plant, different strains, their effects on the body, how to grow organically, how to grow indoors and outdoors, and many other things.

After 40 days on the island, I headed back to San Diego, and met the owners of Urbn Leaf. They were impressed with my cannabis knowledge and made me one of their very first employees. I was very lucky to get in with Urbn Leaf early on because I got to hone my craft and build a very large network in the industry. This is when I became @drjayfrentsos the budtender.

2. What’s the number one thing you tell canna-curious fans who want to try products for the first time?

One thing I would tell them is to not be nervous about using cannabis. Cannabis can be an amazing experience, and can help people in so many ways in their daily lives. Going into a dispensary can be overwhelming for sure, but legal dispensaries usually do a great job at hiring knowledgable budtenders (like they did with me)!

Budtenders should be able to walk you through just about any questions you have and make you feel as comfortable as possible. They will give you a tour of the dispensary, walk you through the products, and hopefully crack a few jokes.

3. Describe your proudest moment as a budtender - or what you like most about working in the cannabis industry.

My proudest moment as a budtender, hmm that's a tough one! I was lucky and had a great run with Urbn Leaf where I got to help start one of the biggest dispensaries. I would say either when I won Cashinbis' Budtender of the Year in California or when I was featured in the L.A. Times for being a very knowledgeable and fun budtender. I was also featured in Pacific Magazine, San Diego Union-Tribune, Potsaver, The Reader, and a few other local ones.

4. What do you like most about Kiva? What should consumers know about our edibles and what sets them apart from others?

What I love most about Kiva is how good the products taste. From the gummies to the chocolates, I could literally eat a whole bag of each.

I also love that they are low in milligrams. I personally don't like eating the heavy-dosed edibles, so I find Kiva products easy to use on the go. Simple and easy, thank you Kiva!

5. Do you have a favorite Kiva product, and why?

Tough decision, but I would have to say the Blueberry Terra Bites. As I said, I like the low-dose edibles. They are easy to store and easy to use on the go. I like the mild buzz I get from them throughout the day instead of an overpowering effect most other edibles give me.

6. What is your hope for cannabis and the future?

I see a bright future for not just cannabis, but also the CBD industry. I am no longer a budtender, but I own my own company called Design Wellness where we have a house brand of CBD dog treats and tinctures called Super Pup's and a human tincture under Design Wellness.

Our website is not just our own brands, but also a CBD marketplace for other trusted, lab-tested brands.

I see these industries going in the same direction, which is having quality products and great marketing support, which Kiva clearly has.

Want to learn more from Jay? Follow his journey through the cannabis and CBD industry at @drjayfrentsos, @xpksd, @designwellnesshemp.