Welcome to Kiva's Budtender of the Month! Every month we will be spotlighting a budtender whose work goes beyond simply connecting products with people. Budtenders are integral guides for a new era of health and wellness for millions, and we are more than inspired. We are grateful - for their integrity, their compassion and above all their wisdom and knowledge about this plant. Without them, Kiva would not be the company that it is today.

If you'd like to nominate someone for Budtender of the Month, please DM us on Instagram @madebykiva.

Now, meet Anasia King, Kiva's Budtender for the month of October.

1. Tell us about yourself—where you work, what you do, and how you became a Budtender.

My name is Anasia. I am a holistic health educator, cannabis enthusiast, and a terp nerd budtender at The Spot in Santa Ana. I was a patient at The Spot for two years before deciding to become a budtender there. The Spot is the most welcoming space and has intelligent staff members. It was a no brainer to join the team when the opportunity presented itself. I have been in the holistic health field for five years now and love that I can share my knowledge and expertise with people to help them discover the beauty of cannabis.

2. What’s the number one thing you tell canna-curious customers who want to try products for the first time?

First, never be afraid to ask questions! There are A LOT of cannabis products and it can be overwhelming when you first approach it. Budtenders really are here to answer any questions and want to help you have the best experience.

3. Describe what you like most about your job.

I’ve had quite a few profound experiences. I think the moments that are my favorite are when customers come back after to tell me how much relief they felt from previous recommendations. The best part about my job is having the opportunity to help so many people every single day. Helping someone have moments of bliss is absolutely incredible, and I’m so grateful to be in a position to be of service for so many!

4. What do you like most about Kiva Confections? Is there anything you think consumers should know about our edibles, and what sets them apart?

The variety of products really makes Kiva Confections an inclusive brand. There is something for everyone. From the microdosed Petra Mints to the Camino Gummies to the chocolate Kiva Bars, their products are not only delicious but the flavors really enhance the high. I’ve never been disappointed with Kiva, and I’ve always had happy customers that purchase Kiva regularly!

5. Do you have a favorite Kiva product, and why?

I’m OBSESSED with the Blueberry Terra Bites that I’ve affectionately nicknamed “The Bloob.” Dosed out in 20 5mg THC pieces, I always keep these in my purse for a steady dose throughout the day.

6. What is your hope for cannabis and the future?

My hope is that hemp is used everywhere and cannabis is experienced by everyone. I truly believe it is a magical plant, and it is here to heal the world. I’m looking forward to experiencing that reality.