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As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade, more people see the plant in a new light for its astonishing benefits. Cannabis users are no longer labeled lazy or unfit for society as previous stereotypes suggested. In fact, many are inspired to turn to this power plant to boost their mental and emotional health.

Whether you want to run a full marathon or lose/gain weight, cannabis may be able to help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently when used in controlled amounts. Now is the time to recognize it for what it has to offer other than the 'high,' especially if you are a fitness fanatic.

Safety First

Athletic performance can be significantly improved with cannabis. To ensure safety, always consult a doctor regarding any significant changes to your health and fitness plan and before incorporating cannabis into an exercise regimen.

Benefits Of Exercising While On Cannabis

The changing of cannabis laws worldwide has played a significant role in improving the image of what a cannabis user may be. It is no surprise then, that the benefits of this plant is overcoming negative images and issues. In the fitness industry, cannabis is making its way to the shelves with energy boosters, thanks to its pre- and post-exercise advantages.

Working out while on cannabis speeds post-workout recovery, makes the experience more enjoyable and motivates the user to perform better or more consistently. In the absence of any underlying health conditions, exercising while using cannabis can bring you closer to your fitness goals.

Let's explore what cannabis has to offer for fitness enthusiasts.

Shifting Your Perspective

Exercising every day is challenging for people with chronic pain but cannabis can overcome this barrier. Not only does it alleviate pain, but with the effect of cannabis, the brain is conditioned into perceiving exercise as a source to experience euphoria. It reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to release hormones that release feelings of joy.

Stretching Your Muscles

Heavy workouts can result in sore muscles or, worse, injuries. It is always important to stretch and warm up before exercise to loosen the muscles and relax the body. However, with the use of cannabis, stretching may not need to be a main focus prior to starting the workout as cannabis helps the body to relax. It loosens the muscles and forces them to extend when exerted.

Additionally, it leads to the release of dopamine by triggering the responsible receptors and blocking pain receptors. Cannabis can make you feel minimal pain in exercises that require extra exertion. In moderation, cannabis helps you achieve ideal stretches and meet your fitness goals quicker by saving time and energy in pre-workout stretching.

Bronchial Relaxation

Cannabis has the ability to improve your fitness by dilating the blood vessels or vasodilation, making it easier to breathe, and letting your body take full advantage of incoming oxygen.

With your blood vessels dilated, more blood flows to your heart and helps you catch your breath at a faster rate. This, in turn, increases the ability of the blood to receive oxygen and improves recovery from the lack of oxygen or 'lack of breath'.

Conclusively, cannabis intake before a workout causes a chain of reactions in the body to help you perform better. You can practice a proper breathing technique before ingesting cannabis prior to the training. It will help you achieve improved bronchial relaxation and increase your stamina as a result.

Focus & Mindfulness

Cannabis users are more mindful of their bodies when they are high. According to their experiences, the conscious mind is in sync with the body during cannabis use. In calculated amounts, it helps to pinpoint/realize the exact muscles that need to be stretched for a targeted workout.

Similar to the runner's high experienced during a marathon run, or when participating in high exertion sports, cannabis enhances the mind-body connection required to connect the body and mind to complete the muscle movements. Additionally, cannabis relaxes the mind by releasing certain chemicals that help you remain focused on the workout.

Helps Increase Or Suppress Appetite

Cannabis is known for stimulating the appetite; any user will tell you that they get the munchies after a sesh. Some strains of the drug can stop the neurons responsible for telling your body that you are full.

Additionally, THC blocks the synthesis of leptin, a hormone responsible for suppressing appetite. If you want to add extra mass, incorporate cannabis to complement your weightlifting to bulk up.

On the other hand, some cannabis varieties can make you feel less hungry. Higher CBD content strains can help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite. It can also prevent binge eating, which is typically caused by boredom or habit.

Eases Nerve & Muscle Pain

Using cannabis before a workout can help enhance your overall performance. Usually, when a person becomes exhausted during a workout, they take a break. Instead of regaining their energy and getting back on track with the workout activity, most people opt for quitting.

Cannabis, however, helps the body remain active despite the tiresome workout. Once it is activated within the body, the user is able to persevere with minimal disruption.

Nearly 50% of the respondents in a Men’s Journal survey revealed that cannabis allows them to push themselves without requiring any external motivation. Cannabis does so by blocking the electrochemical reaction in the body's peripheral pain receptors. It does not completely mute the pain, instead, it lowers it to the extent that the user can feel it enough not to create injury but not enough to prevent exhaustion.

Improves Recovery

The workout is not only about exercising; it is also about post-exercise recovery. Most people quit exercising because they are unable to recuperate properly before their next scheduled workout session. It discourages them from continuing the fitness journey and encourages them to return to the older, unhealthier lifestyle.

Including cannabis in your workout routine ensures solid recovery between the exercising sessions. It helps reduce or remove the pain, rejuvenate the mind and encourages good sleep. Most athletes substitute over-the-counter recovery medicines with CBD and THC, as these components are well known for alleviating muscle stress and reducing inflammation. Begin with low doses of cannabis before or after the workout session. Once you have built up a tolerance, you can easily adjust the quantities moving forward.

Long-Term Brain Support

Recovery of short-term memory is not the only benefit that cannabis offers. According to research, CBD may provide long-term protection to your brain. What implications does this have for your workouts?

In professional sports such as wrestling, boxing and American football, brain injury is a major threat. Predictably, sustaining repeated injuries to the head delivered by hundreds of pounds of mass causes traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, which damage the brain.

TBIs may result from blows, jolts or bumps to the head that move the brain and cause it to hit against the skull. The brain enters a state of panic when it suffers this kind of damage. Even moderate TBIs can result in symptoms that endure for weeks, and more serious TBIs can have a permanent impact on a person.

CBD potentially works as a neuroprotectant, preventing high-contact athletes from suffering from chronic, disabling neurological issues including dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and Alzheimer's disease. Many states recognize a TBI as a qualifying diagnosis for a medicinal cannabis recommendation, showing the widespread acceptance of this compound as a medicine.

Is Working Out After Using Cannabis A Good Idea?

In short, yes, it is. But make sure to follow a training plan that does not conflict with your dose schedule if you suffer from hypertension or cardiovascular disorders. The perks outlined above are generally for post-workout recovery.

It is important to note that some strains of THC may increase heart rate and induce arrhythmia. Some strains of THC may cause certain people to be more prone to losing their balance, impaired judgment or losing awareness of their surroundings. Other side effects of working out coupled with a psychoactive THC may also make a person dizzy, queasy or even cause gastric reflux. If you are prone to any of these issues, consult with your doctor before incorporating cannabis into your workout routine.

Does Cannabis Consumption Lead To A Sluggish Workout?

A workout high is not always enough to make folks eager for their morning jog. Cannabis, however, is a substance that can get people motivated to work out, according to more than 48% of THC users and 29% of CBD users.

As long as one takes cannabis in calculated doses and consults a health practitioner before incorporating the drug into their exercise routine, the cons are negligible compared to its benefits.

Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Exercise Regimen With The Help Of Kiva Confections

In a survey, 70% of participants reported that using cannabis before exercising made it more enjoyable. It makes people more motivated to complete their workouts and look forward to the next sessions. In addition to motivation, cannabis consumption during workouts can also aid recovery. One study indicated that 77% of the people who consume cannabis during their exercise regimen reported having recovered more quickly than when they do not consume cannabis.

However, the key to incorporating cannabis into your training routine without any repercussions is to use it moderately. Although some strains may cause unpleasant side effects for new users or those increasing their dosage, speaking with an experienced provider can help to eliminate the possibility of those effects.

At Kiva Confections, you can find cannabis in a variety of forms and doses to incorporate into your training regimen. Visit us and place your order today.