Raise your hand if you have experienced a sleep issue lately…you’re not alone! Sleep poses a major issue in daily life across gender, geographic location- and generations. We probably don’t need to tell you that in the U.S. overall sleep quality is lacking, and despite the many supplements and aids available online and in stores, most products aren’t completely effective in addressing these issues. We are all just still…tired. We wanted to learn and understand why this is- and then share back with you what we found.

To tackle the serious issue of sleep, Kiva launched a survey with Propeller Insights, a third-party national survey company with quantitative analysis expertise. Over 400 adults from across the country were surveyed in January 2023. Cannabis use was not a prerequisite for inclusion, and the survey included people with a variety of sleep issues. The most exciting takeaway for us is that 76.5% of respondents who currently use cannabis with CBN found it helped them “not just fall asleep and stay asleep,” but to improve their “overall quality of sleep.” This confirms what Kiva Dream Team fans already know- that CBN-infused edibles are a truly effective option for those dealing with sleep problems. Where do you fit in with the variety of sleep issues that people noted in the survey?

Kiva sleep issues overall chart

The study did reveal some more interesting results that revealed the full picture of the current state of sleep in our country.

  • Almost half of survey respondents (42%) reported having sleep issues every single night. This means that it isn’t just acute periods of stress and anxiety affecting many people’s sleep, but that it is indeed a pervasive issue for them.
  • A majority of respondents (60%) also said they “get under 6 hours of sleep per night.” This is an hour less than the 7 recommended hours of sleep suggested by the CDC for people 18-64, which can create a noticeable deficit over time. A good night’s rest benefits your mood, lowers your blood pressure, improves mental function, and restores your immune system- and that’s just for starters.
  • 72% percent of respondents reported that their main issue was waking up in the middle of the night - and 59% of those reported waking up 4 or more times. We might add that CBN-infused edibles are a particularly intriguing approach for night waking since edibles effects “can last 6 or more hours.”

So what can people rely on to help address these sleep issues?

Almost 50% of respondents reported that their choice of medication or OTC supplement is melatonin. Of those, on average, they reported that melatonin was only “sort of effective” (meaning, they rated it a 3 out of 5 on effectiveness). Even worse- 70.4% of respondents said that melatonin and prescription meds make them feel groggy the next day.

Sleep help most used
Sleep help most effective

Now let’s compare these answers to cannabis. Over 70% said that cannabis (THC) was effective/very effective. This means that cannabis has a higher satisfaction rating than melatonin does!

Suffice to say, Kiva is excited to confirm the feedback we’ve been receiving from fans since 2019, when we released Midnight Blueberry Camino gummies- the first edible ever infused with THC and CBN. When they quickly became Kiva’s best-selling product, we knew consumers could benefit from an even wider array of product offerings. This opened the door to numerous CBN-infused edibles innovations, known as Kiva’s Dream Team, including Kiva Midnight Mint chocolate bars, Camino Sours Blackberry Dream gummies, Terra Milk & Cookies chocolate bites, and Petra Blackberry mints. It means a lot to us that not only are we helping people with a significant issue that affects so many areas of their lives- but that we’re doing it in ways that fit their lifestyle, tastes, and THC tolerance.

It’s clear that while sleep issues are a pervasive issue, the factors influencing it can vary from individual to individual. Kiva feels confident that its Dream Team of edibles, which offer chocolate, gummy, and mint options with THC doses ranging from 2.5 to 10MG, can be a potent and practical option for many.