Kiva is an eleven-year-old California-based cannabis company. We’ve seen some things. But the massive backlog of cargo ships stuck off the coast of SoCal seaports over the holidays? Now that was something new. There hidden among the thousands of shipping containers waiting to be unloaded happened to be the majority of our highly-sought-after (and already sold-out) Camino Holiday Punch tins. The holidays came and went and just as we were about to proclaim them lost at sea, the tins arrived at last on our doorstep. With the ingredients ready and the sales team on standby, we decided to turn last year’s supply chain crisis into new year’s cheer. With the same cranberry-cinnamon flavors and energizing terpene blend you already know and love, our Post-Holiday Punch Camino gummies are here to help you move full steam ahead in 2022… even if everyone (and thing) around you is at a standstill.