Lost Farm and Sonoma Hills Farm share so many common values, that it’s easy to see why our collaboration was meant to be. Sonoma Hills Farm’s OCal and Sun + Earth-certified regenerative cannabis flowers are harvested at their peak trichome expression. The holistic sun-grown ecosystem produces higher concentrations of rare cannabinoid and terpene profiles in each strain that you can actually taste. Grandi Guava-infused Key Lime Pie gummies and Cherry Cheesecake-infused Grilled Peach chews are an extraordinary marriage of nature’s wisdom and human knowledge. Known for its captivating fragrance of sweet candied apples intermingled with tropical fruit notes, Grandi Guava is a hybrid descendent of Guava crossed with Gelato S1. An indica-dominant cross between legendary Cherry Pie with Kimbo Kush, Cherry Cheesecake evokes notes of chocolate, custard, and sweet berries. Delicately extracted into 100% live resin (considered the “champagne of concentrates”), and matched with complementary fruit flavors, the result is richly-flavorful full-spectrum edibles. California cannasseurs, we invite you to "taste the terroir" with these limited edition farm-to-table edibles- and learn more about the collaboration in the video below.