We are excited to announce today a partnership with 2x Grammy-nominated/winning musician and songwriter SAINt JHN for a limited release of our popular Lost Farm Gummies and Chews. The partnership offers a dynamic collection of 100% live resin-infused edibles that are bursting with full-spectrum, strain-specific effects. The first collaborative drop, Lost Farm Dragonfruit Gummies infused with the Grape Pie Cookies strain, officially enters California dispensary doors and delivery services today.

"Edibles are a part of my daily lifestyle. Whether I'm listening to the music I just made, creating in the studio, and definitely right after a live show. When I was first introduced to Lost Farm a couple years back, they've been my go-to products for everything. I even make sure my day-to-day team keeps a pack of Lost Farm gummies and chews on them just in case I forget my stash at home. They pack a punch and I love the richer, stronger elevation that you get from the strain-specific live resin," said musician SAINt JHN. "Getting the opportunity to create something of my own with a brand I've admired for so long has been everything I'd hoped for."

For the first product drop within this first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Guyanese-Brooklyn artist handpicked the indica-dominant strain Grape Pie Cookies, which is known for its irresistible aroma of fresh baked goods coupled with sweet and creamy grape overtones. The flavors of bright, juicy dragonfruit and sweet pomegranate are underscored with mild, gassy notes from the strain in this delicious fruit gummy. Like all Lost Farm products, the Dragonfruit Gummies are plant-based and feature 10mg of THC per serving and 100mg THC per package.

"Cannabis and music enhance each other in a really special way. We're truly thrilled to be working with such a boundary-pushing mind like SAINt JHN," said Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva. "From the specific strains chosen to the nuanced flavors that pair so perfectly with them, SAINt was extremely hands-on and instrumental to the creative process from beginning to end."

Launched in 2020, Lost Farm by Kiva is the first edibles brand made with strain-specific, 100% live resin, which retains the plant's delicate cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to deliver a distinctively brighter, more complex, and full-spectrum edibles experience. All Lost Farm Chews and Gummies use plant-based ingredients and are vegan-friendly.

The Lost Farm Dragonfruit x Grape Pie Cookies Gummies will be available for a limited time at select California dispensaries and via Kiva Direct beginning April 25, with the second installment, Blood Orange x Chem Dog Chews, debuting at dispensaries this summer.