Today, we are proud to introduce Lost Farm, a new family of strain-specific, plant-based fruit chews and gummies infused with 100% live resin. This superior extract provides a distinctively richer, brighter, and more complex edibles experience to deliver a full-spectrum, true-to-the-plant high.

All mythical quests share a common thread with Lost Farm- the neverending pursuit of the unobtainable. Like all fabled realms, Lost Farm isn’t a place, it’s a conviction- a belief that propels the rare seeker on an endless drive for perfection. For Kiva, it’s a vision that the perfect strain and the ideal edible lies just within reach.

Lost Farm is where past and future, nature and technology merge. Where the ambition of master cultivators meets the vision of edible engineers. Here, we make the freshest, most mouth-watering fruit-flavored edibles featuring some of the most exciting cannabis strains for the most sophisticated consumers.

Our close collaboration with top cultivators is the key to inspired flavor combinations that fully accentuate the nuances unique to each strain. At the time of harvest, the cannabis flower is flash-frozen to preserve all the delicate cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes normally lost in the cannabis drying and curing process.

From there, the frozen flower is delicately extracted to create live resin, which is infused to create an edible with unparalleled flavor and an unprecedented experience.

Novices need not apply- this is for those explorers willing to go further down the path least traveled, more fully discover what cannabis has to offer, and for those eager to celebrate the mysteries of cannabis and the mastery of those who grow it. But with boundless pleasure comes a small catch: what’s grown today, may not be possible tomorrow. With Lost Farm, you risk discovering your perfect cannabis experience, only to lose it again without a trace. Nature is generous, but fickle at times.

Remember this- true victory lies in finding what is lost, not in keeping it. May the search continue.