If you know Kiva, then you know we like to push both confectionery and cannabis boundaries- especially with our limited edition products. Today is no different, with the unveiling of the first ever cannabis-infused body chocolate, Kiva Love Sauce.

This single-serving dark chocolate body ‘budder’ features 10mg THC per package, and provides a sensory-stimulating, out-of-body experience via a wholly unique on-the-body experience. Kiva is no stranger to integrating THC into seemingly mundane situations in need of a little TLC. We created a viral sensation for our Clio Grand award-winning, THC-infused Turkey Gravy that graced Thanksgiving tables in November 2019.

“After the wildly positive reception we received from releasing Turkey Gravy, we were excited to take one step further in the realm of novel cannabis creations with Love Sauce,” shared Kiva Co-Founder and CEO Scott Palmer. “As a ten-year-old cannabis brand steeped in both the time-honored techniques and cutting-edge craftsmanship found in traditional chocolate and confectionery-making, it’s only fitting to create a limited edition edible that is equal parts classic and innovative.”

Kiva’s saucy sweet treat also marks Kiva’s first venture into the burgeoning sexual wellness meets cannabis space. The inspiration for Love Sauce stems from growing research reflecting what consumers have known for decades: cannabis has remarkable aphrodisiac and sensory-stimulating properties. According to a study published in July 2020 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “Results demonstrated that increasing frequency of cannabis use is associated with improved sexual function and is associated with increased satisfaction, orgasm, and sexual desire.” Another 2019 study posted in the same journal also found, “Marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm… Specifically, women who reported marijuana use before sexual activity had [213%] higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than women who reported no marijuana use.”

Kiva Confections’ undeniably delectable Love Sauce is available for a limited time to California-based consumers in the Greater LA, San Diego and Orange County area from Kiva Direct, Kiva’s newly-launched, direct-to-consumer website. The product retails for $5 while supplies last.