We tapped our friends at HUF for their first cannabis collab, creating a limited edition Lost Farm chew and gummy that blends HUF’s skate and streetwear roots with the strains and cities we both love.

Sour Grape x Sour Diesel Chews are for the ones that have been with HUF since the beginning, throwing it back to San Francisco, the city where the brand started in 2002. With a reputation both dank and sweet, the legendary sativa strain Sour Diesel yields an unmistakable skunk citrus funk like no other flower out there. Classic grape flavors characterize this scrumptiously sweet fruit chew finished out with the thick, dank scents of Sour Diesel.

And no strain is more LA than OG Kush, the city that HUF calls home.

Black Cherry x OG Kush Gummies feature peppery OG Kush notes balanced with a cherry cola flavor finish. OG Kush is a balanced hybrid defined by complex aromas of earthy wood and skunky fuel on a sour citrus pine background.

From legacy strains to the latest in cannabis cultivar innovations, the hunt for distinctive highs
is never-ending. Join us on this quest and find each Lost Farm drop while you can... or risk missing out on the edible of your lifetime.

Stay tuned at @lostfarmbykiva on Instagram to learn about the launch of our ultra-exclusive Lost Farm x HUF capsule collection. And if you're in California, you can soon get direct delivery of the limited chews and gummies via Kiva Direct.


Founded in 2002 as a boutique on an offbeat block in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district- Keith Hufnagel opened HUF Worldwide to bring together the most respected skate, streetwear, and sneaker brands under one roof. Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the gritty streets of 1980s New York City. He was part of an early street skating generation that came up amongst a melting pot of city countercultures—hip hop, punk, graffiti, streetwear, and other underground movements. HUF quickly came to be recognized as the Bay Area’s institution for hard-to-come-by goods, attracting a new era of skaters, artists, and like-minded creatives.