Today we are proud to announce that Kiva has won 6 Clio Cannabis Awards. The Clio Awards were started in 1959 to honor excellence in marketing. They are considered very prestigious in the marketing world and recently added a cannabis-specific division in 2019. Here’s the breakdown of what Kiva was recognized for:

  • Grand Award for our viral PR campaign for Turkey Gravy
  • Silver Award for Brand Design for Camino’s packaging redesign
  • Silver Award for Brand Design for Lost Farm’s brand identity
  • Silver Award for our cold water hash Hashterpiece video
  • Bronze Award for the Kiva Bars redesign
  • Bronze Award for the The Kiva Confectionery Experience/Activation at Outside Lands

Kiva won the most awards out of any cannabis company- and there were only three Grand Awards in total given out of hundreds of entries. These projects are often the cross-functional collaborations between multiple teams and the world class agencies that Kiva collaborates with. Our Sales team brings ideas and insights and executes with excellence, while Kiva's Research & Development and Operations teams takes Marketing's sometimes farfetched ideas and make them into reality. Meanwhile, our Legal team keeps us safe while also giving us ample "room to play." So we celebrate these wins not only as marketing wins, but as the result of a coordinated team effort between multiple groups of talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals we are lucky to have on Team Kiva. Read the full list of 2020's winners here.