Today we are proud to announce that Kiva has won 5 Clio Cannabis Awards! The Clio awards were started in 1959 to honor excellence in marketing. They are considered very prestigious in the marketing world and added a cannabis-specific division just last year. Kiva won a SILVER award for the Lost Farm Multiverse campaign that launched Lost Farm’s Instagram page, a BRONZE award for the Lost Farm animated video, and two BRONZE awards for our Lost Farm Keep-A-Breast product collaboration with our friends at Airfield Wellness. We were also shortlisted for our 420 ‘Munchies for Good’ Social Good Campaign, our ‘Higher Love’ Love Sauce PR campaign, and our CBN Dream Team integrated campaign. As you’ll recall, Kiva won 6 Clio Cannabis Awards last year- so we’re building quite a track record! You can read the full list of 2021's winners here.