Marketwatch put a spotlight on Kiva teaming up with our competitor Wana Brands for a consumer safety campaign to take on canna scammers in the story ‘It’s very easy to get fooled’: Two cannabis rivals are raising awareness about fake-products scams.'

"As category leaders — the Coke and Pepsi — in the world of cannabis edibles, Wana Brands and and Kiva Confections have teamed up to educate consumers about fake online business accounts, unregulated online products and scammers asking to share financial information.“It’s sad what’s going on — it reminds me of the early days of the internet,” said Krisi Knoblich, co-founder and president of Kiva Confections."

At Kiva, we're well aware that cannabis regulations are confusing, restrictive, and constantly changing, making it challenging for customers to navigate what is legal and what is illicit, especially online. To help customers make safe purchases of regulated, lab-tested products, we were more than happy to join forces with Wana for a first-of-its-kind public safety awareness campaign.

“With the proliferation of technology and the Internet, we had to adapt and learn new behaviors to protect us online from fraud and scammers, for example, refraining from clicking on a link from someone you don’t know or trust,” said Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder and President of Kiva Confections. “With cannabis more accessible than ever in both regulated and unregulated markets around the world, consumers are lacking the education and experience to make good choices about the cannabis products we consume and protect ourselves against those out to take advantage of people while current regulations are not widely understood by the public. We wish to see more and broader education campaigns around the safe use of regulated cannabis to protect consumers. So as leaders in cannabis, we are coming together to do what’s best both for people and our nascent industry.”

We'd are directing consumers to, where visitors can take a short quiz to test their cannabis-purchasing knowledge. Anyone who completes the quiz receives a 20% discount from Stashlogix, creators of secure, lockable cannabis storage. Both Kiva and Wana are also working with @JungleCae, a Chicago-based content creator focused on cannabis education, for a content series to help people spot scammers and shop safely.

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