Kiva Confections is announcing its first international product and brand expansion plan into the growing Canadian cannabis market. Over the next year, Kiva Confections will work with Canada-based producer Greentone to bring the brand’s full portfolio of award-winning edibles to dispensaries across the Canadian market.

“We’re absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to bring the Kiva Confections brand to our neighbors up north, which has been a dream of ours for many years,” says Kiva Confections Co-founder Kristi Palmer. “Canadian cannabis consumers are discerning, and we can’t wait for consumers there to discover our high-quality, precisely-dosed, and delicious suite of chocolate and gummy products that consumers in the U.S. have come to know and love”.

Consumers can begin to find Kiva’s all-natural Camino and Camino Sours soft chews in select retail stores across Canada beginning this month, with their strain-specific, 100% live resin-infused Lost Farm soft chews, their cold water hash-infused Kiva Chocolate Bars and Terra Chocolate Bites, and microdosed Petra Mints arriving at retail stores throughout the remainder of the year.

“When looking for an edibles partner it always came back to Kiva for us” commented Olen Vanderleeden, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Greentone. “They share our consumer-centric approach, our focus on building iconic brands, and our unrelenting focus on quality and the consideration of every little detail in product development. Kiva will win consumer’s hearts and taste buds here in Canada as they have in the USA.”

Kiva’s expansion into the Canadian market comes at a time of exponential growth for the brand within our home market of the United States, expanding our footprint in several key markets including Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio the last year. The brand’s award-winning, cannabis-infused chocolates, mints, gummies, and chews continue to raise the bar for edibles in the industry, with Kiva bringing the same level of integrity, passion, innovation, and craftsmanship to every new territory they arrive in.