We’re both honored, super fortunate and somewhat awed to have made it to this momentous milestone. We could have never imagined that all those delirious, side-by-side all-nighters in our home kitchen would lead here: to the full suite of award-winning products Kiva now offers, or the 300+ people that support them across the seven states Kiva can be found in. It’s been a long journey- at times difficult, mostly enjoyable, but always rewarding. We were there when businesses were being raided, when the first recreational purchase was made in California, and when cannabis finally earned the designation it always deserved: essential. When stores, restaurants and gyms were closed this past year, Kiva and its services were viewed through a new lens and with a new understanding: cannabis is crucial to the health and wellbeing of millions. It’s a moment we could have never predicted, and yet one we’ve spent the last ten years preparing for. The standard that we first help set in this industry so long ago is one that we feel privileged to uphold with every single confection we make. While there’s so many people we could thank for getting us here- at the end of the day it all comes down to your love and support for our edibles. It is a privilege and an honor to take this ancient, enchanting plant and explore the diverse flavors, profound effects and incredible experiences it can impart on our lives. No matter what challenges lie ahead, we want you to know that our commitment to cannabis, and to you, will always be paramount.

Thank you for being on this grand adventure with us, and as always, thank you for choosing Kiva.

Scott and Kristi Palmer, Kiva Founders