It's time to put compassion back into cannabis. The Kiva Cares Project is the result of a pioneering effort to ensure that safe, effective cannabis products end up in the hands of people in need. This project is the first to drastically reduce cannabis waste and distribute compliant products to medical cannabis patients at no cost to them. To do that, Kiva is pledging to donate products with minor defects or nearing expiration to put an end to the destruction of essential medicine. We are partnering with Weed for Warriors and The Sweetleaf Collective to kick this project off. If you are a California medical cannabis patient in need, please follow Weed for Warriors for more information on which dispensaries to find these donated medical goods. If you work at a California dispensary who would like to distribute Kiva Cares Project edibles, please sign up here:

Finally, we'd like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all selfless individuals throughout Kiva's supply chain that feel it is time to give back and remind others how this industry was legitimized in the first place through medical use. Through this evolving project, we hope to influence our industry to follow suit and give back to those that need it most. No matter your relationship with cannabis, we wish you all the best on your path to wellness.