Recently, the Cannabis Budget Trailer Bill was approved on the Senate Floor, and we wanted to celebrate a big win for the industry that was included in this bill. Kiva's Director of Compliance and Government Affairs, Tim Morland, personally put in many longer hours to get new cannabis trade sample language into this bill (see page 103/104).

The new trade sample language would allow free samples for products designated as "trade samples." Distributors would be able to give them to buyers, budtenders, and other industry members . It removes barriers to brands and distributors to advertise and market products. The bill also allows Territory Managers to carry sample products (provided they are within personal possession limits and meet the same testing requirements as other infused products), which eliminates companies like Kiva from having to transport samples via our distribution vehicles.

This is a solid step in the right direction toward evolving the regulations in CA to allow cannabis businesses to operate just like any other regulated product. It’s also a great example of the sea-change we’re seeing in the way people, and in this case lawmakers, view cannabis and it’s businesses. Cannabis businesses like Kiva are becoming more of a legitimate business in their eyes and proving ourselves to be good players. The result is that we are seeing their attention and support for solving some of our biggest pain points in current regulations: a big win not only for Kiva- but for all companies in the industry.