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Kiva is an ever-expanding brand and family with big plans for growth as the legal cannabis industry continues to mature. But we can’t do it without passionate people like you. Not only do we make incredible products, we offer a great place to work and develop yourself professionally. From excellent wages to unique benefits and a phenomenal culture, there is something here for everyone.

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Information Systems

Senior Manager, Forecasting and Analytics

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Our team is growing

Kiva Brands

With four award-winning brands currently offered, we are the premier cannabis-infused edibles company in California, the largest cannabis market in the world.

Kiva Manufacturing

Our highly effective team works to make all of our brands’ production and packaging possible for our products.

Kiva Sales & Service

More than just a distributor, we are an innovator incubator, setting a high standard for the cannabis industry, and giving new and existing businesses a sustainable path to success.

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Company culture and values

Recognizable & Seasoned

Founded in 2010, Kiva continues to lead the fast-growing cannabis industry in California through innovation and expansion.

Success & Excellence

We offer competitive market pay and benefits packages, and have a dedicated team always looking to evolve our offerings.

Growth & Culture

Kiva boasts an innovative, diverse, and inclusive company culture, and continuously increases both internal developmental and growth opportunities.