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Camino Fruit Chews

An exciting addition to the Camino family of products. Individually-wrapped and deliciously chewy, these taffy-like pieces are bursting with sweet fruit flavors that linger on the palate. Each vegan chew is made with real fruit inspired by the classic varieties you find in an orchard or on a nature walk.

Why Choose Camino Fruit Chews

Terpene-Tailored Effects

We use custom blends of terpenes (fragrant natural oils) with cannabinoids to dial in each chew's distinct experience.

Great for On-The-Go

Our 100% vegan chews are made with pectin, making them more melt resistant, plus they're individually wrapped for ultimate portability.

Made with Real Fruit

Inspired by the fruits you would find on a stroll through nature, Camino Fruit Chews use real fruit to create their fresh, delicious flavors.

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