We know we’re probably preaching to the choir- if you’re reading this, you’re likely already an edibles enthusiast. Our question is- does the rest of your pod know the power of this plant yet? We created the gift guide below for them - to help you connect our products to the people you love the most. Because we know that someone discovering their favorite flavor or finding their ideal dose is more than just a fleeting triumph. It has the potential to change life as they know it for the better forever. The choice is up to you- you can drop another hundy in Bezos’ bank account this holiday season, or you can lift the vibe of your tribe and call it a year. Without further ado, welcome to Kiva’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

Sibling Revelry

For brothers and sisters by blood or by choice, Kiva Bars and Terra Bites are the clear winners. Their hybrid, balanced effects are crowd pleasers for all kinds of chocolate lovers. What sets these apart from the cacao edible competition is that they are made with cold water hash. This pure, clean extract marries perfectly with the rich, earthy flavors of chocolate- and creates deeper and (many report) longer effects than your standard infused confection. And with flavors ranging from Mint Chocolate Chip to Churro to Sea Salt Caramel, you can rest assured that every palate is covered.

The Noob Troupe

Whether its your mom, your grandpa, your BFF or any other new-to-cannabis novices in your life, Petra should be your go-to for their square one. Each microdosed mint contains just 2.5MG of THC (or 2.5MG of CBD in the case of Citrus), a subtle dose that’s equally apt for the mundane (hello laundry) or the momentous (au revoir 2020!). Petra is all about elevating the everyday- and its light effects ensure it will be embraced by pretty much everyone.

The Can’t-Miss Cannasseur

‘Stoner’ is so obsolete- instead, let’s talk about rockstars. Whether its your home-growin’ wacky uncle or your reefer-scented college-aged niece, this Pot Pro meets their match with Kiva’s newest offering with our new plant-based Lost Farm gummies. Each 10MG THC treat packs a punch like no other edible on the market due to their not-so-secret sauce: live resin. This full spectrum extract offers a uniquely extra-strength and strain-specific experience that even the hardest-core flower fan will love. With fresh fruit flavors like Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade paired with beloved strains like Blue Dream and Strawberry Bananaz, be prepared to witness a cannabis lovers’ Make-A-Wish come true. Tears may flow and red eyes are sure to follow.

The Ugly Sweater

This one crosses all age and gender lines- let's just say they’re big fans of the holidays. For these eggnog and carol-loving diehards, consider one of our limited edition Kiva spins on holiday classics. Holiday Punch Camino Gummies combine the yuletide tastes of cranberry and cinnamon with energizing terpenes to create a “Christmas Morning” effect that will have them leaping out of bed with joyful anticipation. The Peppermint Bark Kiva Bar is a classic seasonal favorite made of rich and creamy dark chocolate topped with swirls of white chocolate and a dusting of crushed peppermint candy. Both treats contain a perfect starting dose of 5MG of THC per piece and are available for a limited time only. Rest assured these goodies will make the rest of the stuffers in your giftee’s stockings seem simply like, well, stuff.

The Unraveled Traveler

2020 has been a challenge for all of us, but there’s a particular type of personality we have in mind who has taken a hit. Grounded globetrotters, this one’s for you. Camino Gummies are carefully crafted to conjure the feelings of distinct, iconic landscapes. Everything about them — from the packaging to the flavors to the effects, is meant to ignite the senses, immerse us in enchanting locations, and take us on a vacation from the ordinary. While this year has been anything but ordinary, the daily grind for many of us has been endlessly routine. With our annual sabbaticals all but cancelled, we propose that cannabis is the safe escape we all need right now. Whether they’re a jet-setting influencer or a daydreaming homemaker, they’re sure to find an effect to match their desired mood- from Uplifting to Social, Excite to Chill, Sleep to Bliss to Balance. Let’s get this clear: Camino is truly for everyone who wants to feel somewhere. But it’s the perpetual passengers who will truly love it the most.

We hope the above guide helps you wrap up your holiday shopping as quickly and painlessly as possible (psst cannabis can help with that too!). If you do decide to become Green Santa this holiday season, we hope above all that you’re prepared for the inevitable shouts of glee from both friends and family, because you, my friend, will go down in history.