Dads come in all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds, but there’s one thing many have in common- a love of cannabis that runs deep. CannaDads will undoubtedly appreciate any infused gift he receives, but Kiva’s gourmet offerings are impressive edibles to any generation. Whether your dad is brand new to cannabis, or re-igniting a love of the plant from their college days, all will appreciate Kiva’s delicious, precise and discreet options. With four different brands and formats Kiva currently offers- from chocolates to gummies to mints, how do you shop for your pop? Read below for some helpful tips to ensure this year’s Father’s Day is a big hit.

Petra Mints For the Lightweight

Petra Mints are the ultimate cannabis newbie gift. A dad who has a hard time tackling chores will love the 2.5MG THC dose that Petra Mints brings to the table. Whether taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, or simply picking up around the house, every task becomes more enjoyable with the help of Petra.

Terra Bites For The Sharer

Kiva’s chocolate Terra Bites provide 5MG of uplifting delight to those who try them- and the taste is unparalleled. Dad will love popping one before a baseball game as a replacement for the same-old, stale beer. The convenient tin is filled with 20 share-able bites, making it easy for Dad’s buds to sample as well. Terra is available in four flavors to satisfy every Dad’s cravings- Blueberry and Sea Salt Caramel milk chocolate, or Espresso Bean and Peppermint Pattie dark chocolate.

Kiva Bars For The Gourmand

Dads who entertain pride themselves on their culinary skills and tasty spreads. Our chocolate Kiva Bars are the perfect way to update the old camping favorite of s’mores with gourmet panache. Use two pieces of our Milk Chocolate bar to dose a flaming marshmallow and graham cracker sandwich with 10mg of THC, the ideal end to a beautiful day spent soaking up nature.

Camino Gummies For The Active Snacker

Camino Gummies are highly snackable with sweet, fruity flavors and a variety of tailored effects. Active dads who like to hike, ski, and fish would be grateful for a bag of energizing Pineapple Habanero gummies packed in with the rest of the gear. Sparkling Pear is the perfect CBD-rich option for socializing with friends at the next golf outing. If they need to unwind, Wild Berry provides a relaxing effect to help unwind after a long workweek. Each delectable gummy has 5MG of THC- the perfect starting dose for a wide variety of Dads.

This Father’s Day, give Dad the ultimate tool in their toolbox: a low dose, delicious, and discreet edible from Kiva Confections. Whether your pops sees the gift as a loving expression of care, or an exciting new way to enjoy the everyday, he is sure to love a present that helps him be more present with those he loves.

Image credit to Alpine Alternative, @alpine.alternative