What makes a mother? If we go beyond gender and social status, forget about familiar definitions and societal constructs (something that is happening in so many other realms of our culture right now), what are we left with?

This year, Kiva is asking the question: what if motherhood isn’t something that can be easily labeled? What if it’s something you have to feel in order to know it?

When we go beyond definitions related to biological maternity and legal rights, a whole new world of mothers opens up to us. Mothers are nurturing caregivers, mentors, and relatives. They’re teachers who make sure their students have snacks to eat, nurses who stay overtime to keep us company, and humanitarians who protect ancient forests. Mothers give birth to so much more than children. They give birth to a new understanding of care, empathy, protection, and support. Chances are that all of us, at some time or another, have “mothered” another in our lives. Even if you’re only a Mother to yourself, caretaking your dreams, having compassion for your traumas, and providing forgiveness for your follies, what if maybe that could be enough?

Now that we’ve redefined who mothers are and what they look like, we propose that you apply this new lens to the people in your life. What caretaker- of yourself or others- has too long gone unrecognized and unrewarded? Which friend holds your community together and deserves acknowledgment? If this person is you, have the audacity to admit it and the courage to nourish yourself. This Mother’s Day, give the gift of appreciation to those who least expect it, but most deserve it. Mothering is hard, heavy work, so raise the spirits of this chosen “mom” this holiday by connecting them with one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts: the gift of cannabis… in the most luxurious form it takes... Kiva edibles, of course!