With so many flavors and strains and fantastical scenes on the packaging to choose from… what’s the deal with Lost Farm?

It all starts with the strain. The incredible, nuanced effects that cannabis strains produce are the result of a complex interaction of elements- a synergy between the plant’s genetics, terpene profiles, the region it was raised- even the cultivator’s passion and dedication to its growth.

Driven by a genuine curiosity for the plant, we search far and wide to find the most incredible varieties available. From legacy strains to the latest in cannabis cultivar innovations, we are always on the hunt for distinctive highs for our most discerning fans. These strains are collected at the peak of their power for maximum flavor, fragrance, and effect and delicately extracted into the most true-to-plant concentrates available- live resin and live rosin. No edibles brand has this much respect for the plant and is willing to go to the lengths we are to explore its possibilities. Because strain-specific is not for the faint of heart, few edibles makers today are doing it, and no one at the magnitude of Kiva.

Lost Farm edibles can now be found in five states across the country, and Canada. In each one, our close collaborations with top cultivators, craft extractors, and counterculture giants are the key to uniquely-inspired strain and flavor combos that are designed specifically for that region. It’s no cookie-cutter operation, each state is a different ball game. Some markets have plenty of supply with legacy cultivators and extractors, whereas others have scarce access to raw materials and extraction expertise. Sourcing strain-specific live resin is no easy feat in California and this is our stomping ground- so finding dab-grade, strain-specific extracts across the country that meets our standards for Lost Farm is a serious undertaking.

But Kiva doesn’t back down from a challenge. Strain-specific live resin makes the effects of eating edibles like smoking your favorite flower. Not only is it authentic to the plant, it’s also absolutely exhilarating for us people.