When it comes to my favorite things in life, my family and friends come first and cannabis comes in a close second. As a busy mom of two and owner of a cannabis company, I've learned firsthand the many benefits that cannabis can provide. While some may view it as controversial or taboo, I believe that cannabis can be a powerful tool for managing stress, finding creative inspiration, and staying present with the ones we love.

In my previous grown-up cannabis days, I enjoyed taking a bite of a Kiva Terra Blueberry while making dinner, with the effects kicking in right around the time my husband and I would start our favorite TV show. Now, with two little ones running around, I've adapted my cannabis routine to include one of Kiva’s Petra mints around 4:30 pm, just before the whirlwind of dinnertime and bedtime routines begin. Cannabis helps me feel patient, grounded, and present with my children, even in the face of spilled rice and a mountain of dishes.

While it's true that cannabis isn't for everyone, it's important to remember that its stigmatization and demonization are unwarranted and harmful. No one should be criminalized for using it responsibly. Furthermore, while there is still a lack of data on its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, research is ongoing, and we should remain open to its potential benefits in the future.

In our household, we've made a point to normalize cannabis use and educate our children about its proper use. Our three-year-old recognizes the universal warning symbol on cannabis packaging and knows that it's for adults, not kids. By breaking down the stigma and having honest conversations about cannabis, we can create a more accepting and informed society.

As a mom and cannabis lover, I'm a big believer in the positive impact that cannabis can have on busy parents. It's helped me find moments of peace and creativity in the midst of the daily adventure of raising kids. By breaking down the stigma and educating ourselves and our children about responsible use, we can create a more open and informed society. I hope that my own positive experiences with cannabis can inspire other parents to explore its potential benefits and that we can continue to shift toward a more accepting and appreciative view of this incredible plant.