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Have you ever questioned why concerts are an ultimate experience of sound and light when stoned? The secret lies in the fact that our senses, particularly hearing abilities, are enhanced when we are high.

From Ancient Japanese dancers to the hippies at Woodstock '69, people have always liked to experience music while high. They believed that cannabis takes music to a whole new level. So it's no wonder cannabis has always been a part of the celebrations in the music industry.

Since the turn of the 21st century, concerts have evolved significantly, and one of the most notable changes is the increased marijuana consumption alongside live performances. The unmistakable scent of marijuana at concerts and music festivals continues to prevail today.

Your Brain's Response To Cannabis And Music

What you experience at a concert when you tune in and drift off is a flood of neurotransmitters released at the end of a series of neurological processes known as the "reward system." It instructs your brain to inform the entire body that everything's fantastic.

Although our brains have several reward pathways, the one involving the neurotransmitter dopamine, which has long been connected to the brain's hedonistic activities, is frequently thought to be responsible for the pleasure experienced when attending a cannabis enhanced concert. A controlled, gradual flow of dopamine is released in response to music. Streams of chemical compounds are released and they swarm the fun zone collectively.

Another factor that makes marijuana and music go together so well is the dopamine rush. The most positive effects of marijuana come from THC's capacity to bind the brain's cannabinoid receptors and trigger them into activating the reward system, whether dabbing, vaping or smoking a bong. Weed is supposed to make it easier for people to notice minute differences in sound and music, and it may even cause a form of synesthesia.

Music And Marijuana Have Similar Effects On Our Brains

There is a profound link between music and cannabis. Studies have shown that cannabis and music have similar therapeutic benefits, such as pain alleviation and reduced anxiety.

To begin, consider the similarities between the pain-relieving properties of cannabis and music. Post-surgery, patients who listened to their favorite tunes experienced less pain, according to research published in 2011.

Regardless of genre, the most effective method of relieving pain is through music with a positive message. In much the same way that marijuana helps alleviate anxiety, music helps alleviate discomfort by providing a distraction. Music (and cannabis) might make it difficult to concentrate on anything but the good times.

Music also has a positive effect on community ties. Regardless of the style, whether it's punk rock, hip-hop, country or something else, listening to music has always been a social experience. With the addition of cannabis, the effects are magnified.

Marijuana and music have historically been utilized to foster social bonds and exchange ideas within a community.

The music emphasizes collaboration and teamwork, encouraging people to work together. Cannabis encourages closeness, lowers stress and enhances good communication patterns amongst users. In the right hands, the sesh circle may be a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships with your peers while also introducing you to some new musical acts.

It's no secret that marijuana can enhance musical experiences in various ways. If you enjoy listening to music, chances are you'll enjoy it much more if you combine it with cannabis.

Six Reasons Why Music In Concerts Sounds Better When You're High

Given the absence of specific studies, it is difficult to say why we have superior hearing when high, yet it is widely believed that music sounds much better under the influence of marijuana. Many people hear a difference compared to when they aren't high, whether in the lyrics, the melody or the rhythm and bass.

Check out these five potential effects cannabis may provide for a more enjoyable music-listening concert experience:

When You're High, Time Seems To Go More Slowly

Research supports that time seems to pass more slowly when we're high. Under the influence of cannabis, researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom discovered that a 15-second time interval grows to an average of 16.7 seconds.

Cannabis causes a frame of mind in which there may be delayed backward counting. Because of this lengthening of time, music may sound better when high.

Better Concentration, Focus & Memory

Reports indicate that internal time can shift our focus, facilitating alterations in aural perception.

It's important to remember that when you change your perspective on time, your emphasis shifts. If you're listening to music while wearing a stereo headset, you may have an easier time focusing on some sounds and ignoring others, which could help you distinguish them better."

This makes music sound far more vibrant, clear and distinct because of the increased focus on the space between the notes.

It has also been demonstrated that these anecdotal shifts in perception may have neurological roots.

Scientists suggest an alternative explanation for the cannabis-induced shifts in music perception, which they claim involves memory processing problems. You tend to pay more attention if it is an intriguing piece of music.

Because you are constantly shifting your focus and taking in more information than your brain can process, you are more likely to clear your short-term memory than usual. This compact memory allows the listener to be more 'in the moment,’ more present and more focused on each sound.

Stanford University psychiatrist Frederick Melges explains that a subject becomes less able to incorporate past, present and future, and consciousness becomes more focused on current events. These experiences, in turn, are regarded as extended or timeless when they appear to be isolated from the constant march of time.

It is important to understand that we have a separate aural area, time scale and attentive approach to focus on what is happening in the music. Moreover, all of this is tied to what happens when we start to get high.

Changing Perception Enhances Experience

Cannabis can induce a state of altered consciousness, making it possible for us to hear the music more clearly. This makes for a more pleasurable listening experience, whether in a concert while playing frisbee in the park, unwinding or simply listening to music directly through the speakers into our ears.

A Boost Of Dopamine Makes Everything Feel Good

Since smoking marijuana can also be a pleasurable activity that raises dopamine levels, the connection between music and marijuana becomes more intriguing. The reward area of your neural system, also known as the mesolimbic dopamine system, is more activated when you listen to music, whether you are under the influence of cannabis or not. This time, it is the brain that supports the hypothesis that marijuana use can enhance the pleasure of listening to music.

Helps Build A Connection To The Artist

It's no secret that musicians high on cannabis have created, composed and recorded some of the biggest hits of all time. Marijuana might make it possible to have a more enhanced and intimate encounter.

Additionally, marijuana use in conjunction with music tends to induce emotions of happiness and connectivity to the music and the musicians, according to neurologist professor Daniel Levitin at McGill University.

Because One of the World's Greatest Minds Agrees

One of the finest minds in the world concurs that experiencing music while high is a pleasure like none other. Carl Sagan, a well-known astrophysicist, is reported to have struggled to understand the ideas of harmony and counterpoint until he used cannabis.

According to Sagan, cannabis "brings us a consciousness that we pass a lifetime being conditioned to overlook, forget and push out of our thoughts.”

Being supported by an authentic planetary scientist, astronomer, cosmologist, astrobiologist, astrophysicist, novelist or scientific communicator makes a compelling consideration.

Sagan adopted a pseudonym to publish an essay regarding the ability of cannabis to enhance sensory perception in the 1971 book "Reconsidering Marijuana" due to its legality and the political climate of the time.

Concert-Ready Marijuana Products

While smoking has long been a traditional method of indulging in cannabis, there are many other, less obvious methods to do so without interfering with the enjoyment of others at a concert or other public gathering.

Marijuana use can be disruptive in a crowd, but alternative methods of intake have little to no influence on the person sitting next to you.

Consider these smoke- and odor-free alternatives to get your cannabis dose at your next concert:

  • Edibles: Sweet treats such as gummy bears, mints, bites, chocolate bars and chews can now be found in various flavors and combinations
  • Capsules: To assist you in achieving the desired mental state or reduce any discomfort you may feel, capsules and tablets are the most accessible way to consume cannabis

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