From legacy strains to the latest in cannabis cultivar innovations, we are always on the hunt for distinctive highs for our most discerning fans. Lost Farm brings excitement to edibles by continually rotating the latest and greatest strains in and out with our Limited Releases, providing unique new flavor and strain experiences for our Cannasseur community to try. Small batch and available for short runs, these playful pairings are driven by experimentation and defined by their ever-changing experiences.

Worried that you risk finding (and falling for) your ideal edible only to find it vanished from stores in weeks? That's why we created Lost Farm's Core Collection. Featuring some of the most exciting, esteemed, and/or distinctive strains in cannabis paired with iconic fruit flavors, these appetizing edibles have mass appeal- and are available year-round.

The Lost Farm Chews Core Collection currently consists of these flavor and strain pairings: Blueberry x Blue Dream, Watermelon x Gelato, and Strawberry x GG4. The Gummies Core Collection includes Raspberry x Wedding Cake, Strawberry Lemonade x Super Lemon Haze, and Juicy Peach x Mimosa.

Lost Farm is the first edibles brand ever made with strain-specific 100% live resin, a superior extract that boasts all the delicate cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes normally lost in the cannabis drying and curing process. This results in a distinctively richer, brighter, and more complex edibles experience to deliver a full-spectrum, true-to-the-plant high.

Making full-spectrum edibles is no easy feat. Trust us- it took Kiva years to master the art of terpene and cannabinoid retention. These delicate compounds require tremendous respect for each strain’s unique signature… and a tender touch. Can you actually tell the difference between a live resin-infused edible like Lost Farm and other products? You tell us! Lost Farm lovers regularly report that its effects feel like a full-sensory cannabis experience- you know, the kind usually exclusively available to smokers? One thing is certain– when it comes to Lost Farm– novices need not apply.