Kiva is incredibly excited to announce our opening night sponsorship of the Los Angeles revival of “Reefer Madness The Musical,” starring and produced by Kristin Bell, Christian Campbell, and Alan Cumming. This event marks a significant moment in cannabis culture, highlighting a pivotal chapter in our history.

Reefer Madness: A Beacon in Cannabis Culture

The journey of "Reefer Madness" began in 1936 when a church group-funded exploitation film of the same name was released. Designed as a prime example of fear-mongering propaganda, the film's laughable portrayal of cannabis as a gateway drug to crime and insanity turned it into a cult classic in the 1970s. After it was rediscovered by cannabis enthusiasts and legalization proponents, the film became a symbol of the absurdity of the anti-cannabis movement.

In 1998, the story was transformed into a musical satire that debuted in Los Angeles and later moved Off-Broadway. The musical received further acclaim with a 2005 film adaptation, featuring performances that brought new life to its satirical take on the original propaganda film. Now, the award-winning musical comedy celebrates its 25th anniversary with a revival in Los Angeles, coinciding with a historic moment: the rescheduling of cannabis and a growing public support for legalization, with 78% of Americans in favor.

Kiva's Mission: Normalizing Cannabis

“We’ve come a long way since Reefer Madness was released in 1936 to demonize cannabis,” said Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder and President of Kiva Confections. “Although we still have a ways to go for broad legalization and access, we’re delighted to sponsor this revival on the heels of the recent rescheduling announcement. We’ve been on a mission to normalize cannabis and fight against the stigma perpetuated by the original Reefer Madness and the War on Drugs since we started making infused chocolate bars in our home kitchen in 2010. By making safe, legal, great tasting edibles like our Camino gummies available across the U.S., we continue our mission to destigmatize the plant and bring cannabis into the mainstream.”

Reefer Madness: The Musical Revival

In addition to being featured in the actual opening night show’s script, visitors to the venue’s “Reefer Den” will get to enjoy Kiva products after the show. Those celebrating Pride Month will also be thrilled to find our Camino Passionfruit Punch ‘Pride’ gummies featured in the Reefer Den throughout June for the Sunday matinee Pride-themed Drag Brunches. “It’s amazing to see what’s possible when you work with producers that understand cannabis and want to responsibly promote and uplift cannabis brands like Kiva,” added Kristi.

Tickets for the limited eight-week run are available online, and 1930s cosplay is encouraged. Don’t miss out on this must-see, laugh-out-loud play that brings together tastemakers, stakeholders, and celebrities to celebrate cannabis culture and continue the push for progress.

Angelina Jolie and Kristen Bell under CAMINO logo
The Reefer Den