”Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.”

Robert A. Heinlein

When Kiva released our Midnight Blueberry Camino Gummies in late 2019, we could not have anticipated the reaction. It quickly became not only Kiva’s best-selling gummy, but our best-selling product by far. Midnight Blueberry marked a milestone not just for Kiva though- it was also the first edible ever infused with CBN. What is CBN? First, it’s being heralded as the next big cannabinoid next to THC and CBD. There are early indications that CBN is a powerful sedative, especially when combined with THC. “According to one NIH study in the British Journal of Pharmacology, “CBN was judged inactive when tested alone in human volunteers, but produced greater sedation combined with THC.” There was good reason it hadn’t been widely used in the industry before though- sourcing actually proved so difficult that Kiva had to search for nine months to find the right supplier. Once we did, Kiva’s dream machine began.


Midnight Blueberry Camino combines 5MG of THC, 1MG of CBN and relaxing terpenes with chamomile and lavender extracts to promote restful sleep. We chose this particular ratio because it provided users with a restful night without the dreaded ‘cannabis hangover.’ In our research and development, we found that larger amounts of CBN led to morning grogginess, and it was key to our team that users woke up feeling refreshed. Once Midnight Blueberry took off, we were inspired to see what other Kiva products could benefit.


Meet Midnight Mint- the first chocolate edible with CBN in it. It features a soothing combination of 5MG THC and 2MG CBN per piece in a crisp, minty dark chocolate bar sprinkled with cacao nibs. The added milligram of CBN in Midnight Mint gives a deeper tranquilizing effect for those consumers who need a little extra boost- while still allowing users to wake up feeling refreshed. And the taste? You’ll feel like you’re enjoying a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream right before bed.


Sweet dreams now come in small packages. Petra Blackberry CBN is Kiva’s first mood-targeting mint. Fresh blackberry and vanilla flavors are blended with a calming combination of 2.5 MG of THC and 1 MG of CBN to create our most tranquil Petra yet. The lighter amount of THC is perfect for those with a lower tolerance, who may find stronger doses of THC stimulating before bed.


Relax, your favorite bedtime treat is getting the full CBN treatment. A crunchy chocolate cookie core is bathed in sweet, creamy milk chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a touch of sea salt. 5MG of THC and 2 MG of CBN round out the slumber party for a deliciously drowsy effect that will all but tuck you in.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, between 50 to 70 million U.S. adults experience symptoms of a sleep disorder. The team at Kiva is incredibly proud to be tackling this issue in the most delicious and enjoyable ways possible. Whether it’s a power nap or a full night’s rest you need, Kiva has you covered.*

*Blankets not included.