Container of Horchata (we used Rice Dream)

Brewed Black Tea

1.5 cups of Black Sesame Powder

Warm Water

6 oz Black Sesame Milk

8 oz Sugar

6 oz Black Sesame Milk

10 oz Orgeat

1 tin of Camino Blood Orange 'Chills & Thrills' Gummies

Chamoy (*optional topping)


For every 6 oz of Horchata, infuse one TSP of black tea (we used Keeman). Heat until the color changes. Strain and set aside.


Toast 1.5 cups of Black Sesame Powder in a pan, moving it constantly so that it doesn’t burn. Once it smells nice and nutty, transfer it to a blender.

Add 3 cups and 3 TBSP of warm water. Blend on high for two minutes. Pour through a cheesecloth/ nut milk bag and strain (you can squeeze with your hand if it takes too long).

In a small pot, add 6 oz (by weight) of black sesame milk and 8 oz sugar, and, over low heat, and stir until fully incorporated.

Measure out 10 oz of the Orgeat, set the rest aside.

Put the 10 oz back in the pot, and add one tin of Camino Blood Orange gummies (containing 100 mg THC total). Over low heat, stir until fully incorporated. This will make 1 oz of Black Sesame Camino Orgeat containing 10 mg THC.

Time to Build The Drink!

In a mixing glass, cup or bowl, add 4 oz of tea-infused horchata, 1 oz of black sesame Orgeat, and ice. Stir until cold.

Strain into the creepy glass of your choice.

*For a (totally optional) bloody crown, add a savory rim of Chamoy for an extra spook factor. Turn off the lights. Chill AND THRILL!