1 oz Camino Sours Citrus Breeze Bliss Syrup

1 oz lemon juice

Hibiscus Tea (steep 5-7 minutes, and let cool)

Syrup Recipe

First, make your Bliss Syrup!

1. Weigh 600g sugar, and mix with 600g water in a small pot.

2. On low heat, stir to incorporate.

3. Add enough Camino Citrus Breeze Gummies to total 100 mg THC (if your gummies contain 5 mg THC each, add 20. If they contain 10 mg THC each, add 10). *Pro tip: if you give the gummies a rough chop, they will dissolve more

4. Making sure not to boil, continue to heat and stir until gummies are dissolved and incorporated into the syrup.

The syrup will keep for a few weeks if refrigerated.

Mocktail Recipe

1. Add 1oz Bliss Syrup and 1oz lemon juice to a cocktail shaker.

2. Add ice and shake.

3. Strain the mixture into a highball glass filled with ice.

4. Top with chilled hibiscus tea.

5. Garnish with an umbrella for blissful, breezy vacay vibes, and forget all about your worries!