According to a recent Gallup poll released earlier this month, "7 in 10 Americans​ believe marijuana use should be legal." Cannabis is increasingly integrating into our lives and culture, shedding its stigma as more adults recognize its safe, enjoyable, and even healthful impact. This shift aligns with a growing number of individuals distancing themselves from alcohol, whether for temporary periods like Dry January and Sober October or as a permanent lifestyle choice to reduce consumption. In fact, there are reports indicating that "Gen-Z consumes, on average, 20% less alcohol than millennials." At Kiva, we understand the unique pleasures of cannabis, including edibles, and wanted to compare them to alcohol in terms of price, duration of effect, calories, sugar content, and overall experience. The results speak for themselves- cannabis comes out on top when compared to the average cocktail.


Alcohol Consumption

Source: “Is the Alcohol Industry Drying Up?”, World Finance, Jan. 4 2023

Price Comparisons

Avg Camino Price: $23 / 100mg pkg

-Source: OAK Harborside, Alameda Embarc, SF Moe Green’s websites. Low = $20, High = $25 for single cannabinoid Camino skus.

Avg Cocktail Price: $10-15 **

Prices continue to rise Yr/Yr, with a $1 / drink increase from ‘21-’22


A Semi-Scientific Study of American Cocktail Prices

Conor McLaughlin, 2019-06-24

Report: Average Cocktail Price Increased This Winter, Martini Gained Popularity, Vine Pair, Feb. 13, 2023

Length of Effect

Source: Alcohol Metabolism, Bowling Green State University Office of Recreation


Source: Medline Plus, Patient Instructions - Alcoholic beverages Calorie Count

Using an average of 150kcal per cocktail, which is the average caloric content of a vodka tonic, rum & coke, margarita, whiskey sour, and daiquiri. These are cocktails with a “lower” calorie content with respect to other cocktails that contain more sugar or dairy ingredients.



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*Sugar content greatly depends on the type of cocktail. Espresso Martini = 25g, Mimosa = 20g, Tom Collins = 17g, Whiskey Sour = 9g, Daiquiri = 7g. Median sugar content = 17g



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“Day After” effects / Hangovers


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  1. (1)Positive increase in mood up to 24hrs after cannabis consumption, minimal cognitive impairment. No negative physical symptoms ie nausea or headaches
  2. (2)Recent review article reports that cannabis has limited to no “next-day” effects/impairment.